Fintech Payments

We are a Payments as a Service Platform (PAAS). We offer our customers all payment services available in the market through a single integration in our platform.

We offer real solutions,

the window to the world of payments

Thanks to our PCI Level 1 platform, our customers enjoy a secure connection with full guarantees of those payment services that best suit their business needs.

At Fintech Payments, we solve several problems that our clients encounter when landing in the payments industry:

There is a great dispersion of payment solutions throughout the world, and new increasingly complex solutions appear every day due to the competitiveness in this sector. Our expertise and constant monitoring of the market makes us know first-hand the payment solutions that best adapt to the use cases presented by our clients.

There is a high degree of specialization at a technological level that requires a perfect understanding of payment flows as well as integration processes between APIs with different programming languages. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the development of technological solutions in the payment sector, which allows us to solve integration challenges in a timely manner according to the needs of our clients.

The payment services industry is a highly regulated industry. Our background in financial regulation, as well as our obsession with regulatory compliance, mean that our strategy analyzes and choice of PSPs are always aligned with current regulations.

Solcuiones reales Fintech

Our mission

With in-depth industry knowledge and the most competent technology on the market, we help
our customers to find and integrate the payment solution(s) that really fit their needs, with the
aim of improving their payment and collection processes and, most importantly, facilitating the
growth of their business.

Our values


We believe that customers and employees deserve to be treated truthfully and fairly in dealing with the issues that apply to them.


We work to ensure that both employees and customers feel that they are in a flexible environment, away from the harshness of the traditional sector.


We are part of a diverse group of startups and we like to participate in the activities that surround us and be aware of everything that is going on..


We are passionate about progress and we like to adapt to changes and try to bring them together with the more traditional areas of the sector.

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