Crealsa es el primer neobanco español que nace para financiar a las empresas y autónomos de nuestro país. Tras más de 12 años de experiencia siendo un referente en soluciones de financiación para los negocios, en 2022 ha dado el salto para convertirse en un potente referente fintech. La nueva Crealsa ofrece a los negocios una mayor capacidad transaccional, toda la operativa necesaria para desarrollar su día a día y el acceso a un completo catálogo de productos y servicios a través de una innovadora plataforma digital.

El proceso de transformación de Crealsa a lo largo del último año le ha llevado a convertirse en el neobanco más completo para los clientes del ámbito empresarial, acompañado por un amplio ecosistema de partners tanto en el ámbito financiero como tecnológico.

Por ejemplo, gracias a la integración con entidades reguladas del sector de los servicios de pago, Crealsa brinda hoy a sus clientes cuentas de pago y tarjetas de débito, tanto virtuales como físicas, añadiendo una vertical más transaccional a su portfolio, todo ello en aras de prestar un servicio más completo y eficiente a sus clientes.




  • Fintech Payments Hub

What was the challenge for the company?

Within the innovative context in the fintech sector mentioned above, Crealsa wanted to create an instalment financing solution through the point-of-sale (POS) terminal, both in the physical and virtual space. The idea was to penetrate the well-known and competitive world of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), although in this case Crealsa would be the first player to launch such a solution aimed at the Business to Business (B2B) segment.

With these aims in mind, Crealsa contacted Fintech Payments and, after analysing the project and looking for the right partners, in December 2021 was able to launch an innovative solution, just as Crealsa had hoped. Now, freelancers and SMEs wishing to facilitate online or physical payments to their business customers will be able to do so thanks to this solution supported by Fintech Payments and marketed by Crealsa.


Fintech Payments has provided Crealsa with our white label PCI Level 1 payments platform (also known as “Payments Hub”).

Thanks to the use of this platform and the acquiring partners integrated in it, Crealsa can integrate a payment by instalments (BNPL) solution for its self-employed and SME customers in e-commerce in the B2B segment. Likewise, through physical terminals, Crealsa can also implement the payment by instalments’ solution within the structure of collections and payments of its customers at the physical level, facilitating deferred payment by card at its customers’ points of sales.

Thus, thanks to the use of the Fintech Payments payment platform (Payments Hub), Crealsa is able to offer deferred payments to its business customers, both physically and digitally (e-commerce). The platform first captures the card and, depending on the agreed instalments, automatically collects the instalments on the customer’s card.


Crealsa currently has its BNPL solution in place to provide access to its customers throughout Spain.

"The collaboration with Fintech Payment brings to our proposal as a neobank for companies and freelancers a service of maximum utility for our customers, such as payment by instalments for the first time between businesses (B2B). In this way, our digital platform advances in its transactional capacity for companies and the self-employed, who see our financing services complemented with innovative solutions that facilitate their activity and the growth of their business."
José Vicente Molina
Crealsa CEO

Why Fintech Payments

Fintech Payments optimises payment and collection processes through innovative and secure solutions that enhance the user experience and strengthen the reputation of its customers.

Fintech Payments has succeeded in integrating into a single platform a set of automated customer communication channels, together with a range of self-managed payment options. In this context, Fintech Payments initially assists its clients in identifying needs and finding solutions for payment services from a local and international perspective.

Our clients are leading companies in the telecommunications, retail, e-commerce, finance, investment, utilities and insurance sectors.

The key benefits our clients achieve by using our payment platform are as follows:

  • Analysis and detection of payment service providers suitable for our clients’ business model.
  • Platform hosted by Fintech Payments in its Tier 1 DPC and redundantly.
  • Compliance with the PCI Level 1 standard delegated to Fintech Payments.
  • Total scalability, being able to manage any volume of files and in any geography.

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