BCAS is a company in the financial technology sector that provides financing solutions for the education sector.

BCAS advances BCAS to students who have received a scholarship, to help them cover the start of the academic year while the government pays out the scholarship, which is usually several months after the scholarship has been awarded.




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What was the challenge for the company?

Within the innovative context of the retail financing sector mentioned above, BCAS wanted to have several payment solutions in order to launch its platform with all possible technical guarantees and, above all, within the framework of the current legal framework for payment services.


Fintech Payments has provided BCAS with a payment account solution (IBANs) through a Spanish payment institution with a payment institution licence granted by the Bank of Spain.  Likewise, in order to know the exact moment at which the government body pays the amounts of the grants awarded into the payment accounts held by the beneficiaries, Fintech Payments has integrated an Account Information or Bank Aggregation Solution (AIS) into the BCAS platform, allowing BCAS to access the information on its customers’ accounts, all thanks to the consent granted by its customers.

Likewise, and once the scholarship amount has been identified, BCAS benefits from the use of the Fintech Payments platform to automatically collect payments via SEPA direct debit, all with the aim of ensuring the return of the amount advanced to its customers (beneficiaries of a scholarship).


The main objective of the project was to provide BCAS with a payment account for its customers (IBAN), an Account Information Solution (AIS) in order to allow BCAS to know the exact moment at which the grant holders have received the amount of the grants from the granting organisations, as well as an efficient collection method through a SEPA Debit in order for BCAS to proceed to the automatic collection of the loaned amount (loan repayment).

All objectives have been fully met and today BCAS can operate with security and with the guarantee that its customers receive, enjoy and repay the amount advanced by BCAS.

"The process of having our own payment solutions was simple from start to finish. Fintech Payments takes care of everything, from consulting to integration, with guaranteed success."
Bosco González del Valle

Why Fintech Payments

Fintech Payments optimises payment and collection processes through innovative and secure solutions that enhance the user experience and strengthen the reputation of its customers.

Fintech Payments has succeeded in integrating into a single platform a set of automated customer communication channels, together with a range of self-managed payment options. In this context, Fintech Payments initially assists its clients in identifying needs and finding solutions for payment services from a local and international perspective.

Our clients are leading companies in the telecommunications, retail, e-commerce, finance, investment, utilities and insurance sectors.

The key benefits our clients achieve by using our payment platform are as follows:

  • Analysis and detection of payment service providers suitable for our clients’ business model.
  • Platform hosted by Fintech Payments in its Tier 1 DPC and redundantly.
  • Compliance with the PCI Level 1 standard delegated to Fintech Payments.
  • Total scalability, being able to manage any volume of files and in any geography.

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