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Round Table Event: The Access of Payment Institutions to the SNCE

On June 14, Fintech Payments and CMS Albiñana y Suárez de Lezo organized a round table event on the Access of Payment Institutions to the National Electronic Clearing System (SNCE).

The round table was based on the fact that access to the National Electronic Clearing System (SNCE), managed by Iberpay, has been a great challenge for payment and electronic money institutions, which had been barred from accessing it until January 2021. Since then, payment and e-money institutions that manage accounts and provide payment services have the possibility of accessing the SNCE if they are designated by Iberpay’s member institutions.

This milestone was a turning point for Fintech entities whose access to the SNCE allows them to exchange retail payments, including immediate payments, with the rest of the entities participating in the system and to access the rest of the services provided by Iberpay.

The event was introduced by Jaime Bofill, partner of CMS Albiñana y Suárez de Lezo and moderated by Fran Romero, CEO of Fintech Payments, and was attended by José Luis Langa, Deputy Managing Director of Iberpay, Pablo Gómez Fernández-Quintanilla Open Innovation Director of Caixabank Payments & Consumer and Jazmín Achi, Director of Easy Payments & Finance E.P.

During the round table, the three experts, recognized for their long experience in the payments industry, discussed the current situation, challenges and opportunities facing the Spanish payments system.

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